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"Our strength is in our unparalleled sourcing and technical expertise. We deliver the right battery assembly to meet your objectives"

Battery Specialties has provided reliable, cost effective custom battery pack assembly services for over 40 years. We are a low volume, high mix contract manufacturer serving the needs of small to medium sized OEMs.

Every day, companies in industries such as computers, communications, medical, telemetry and electronics rely on Battery Specialties. They value our in-depth battery engineering expertise; administrative and logistical support; failure analysis service and our commitment to customer service.

Solid Engineering Expertise

Over the last four decades we have amassed extensive experience in the battery industry, including both pack and cell development and manufacturing expertise.  We stand ready to assist your engineers to develop the optimal battery pack for your application.

Tangible Commitment to Excellence

Our custom battery pack assembly process has been carefully designed over many years, is documented, and is available for customer inspection.  The quality of our assembly, administrative and logistical services is world class.

Warranty & Failure Analysis

For most custom battery pack assemblies, we offer a one year warranty. More importantly, we can put any failed or under-performing battery though a comprehensive engineering analysis in our lab to accurately determine the root cause of a problem. This analysis is of great value and can prevent future problems.

Battery Management Program

Many companies find that their inventory capabilities are not well suited for batteries because of their limited shelf life. We can manage your battery inventories.  We maximize the life of our customers' batteries while assuring a reliable supply chain.

What you get when
you do business with Battery Specialties
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