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Enersys DT Single Cell (D Tsc) 0860-0004

Price: $16.90
Item Number: 0860-0004
Manufacturer Part No: 0860-0004
0860-0004 Enersys Tall D Cell
2V 4.5 AH
Height: 96.0 mm
Diameter: 34.3 mm
Terminal: .187 in Fast-On
The 0860-0004 Tall D cell battery is unique in design. Its cylindrical shape allows it to overcome the limitations most lead acid batteries experience. The cylinder shape of the 0860-0004 Tall D cell battery provides top performance without sacrificing cost effectiveness, reliability and long life. The 0860-0004 is a sealed design which allows you to make custom battery packs with multiple positioning. This feature of the sealed design makes the 0860-0004 Tall D cell battery easy to install. No matter what direction the battery is facing or how it is installed, the sealed design guarantees the battery will not spill or leak. Non-Spillable batteries will not discharge harmful battery acid. Great for standby and portable/cyclic applications, such as telecommunications, electronics, defense installations, aviation, computer back up, medical equipment, solar power, lawn and gardening.
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