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Enersys Single Cell 2x3 Xsc Shrink Wrap, Leads 0800-0115

Price: $105.00
Item Number: 0800-0115
Manufacturer Part No: 0800-0115
0800-0115 Custom Battery Pack

2x3 Shrink Wrap

12 V, 5.0AH

Length: 5.25 in
Width: 3.68 in
Height: 3.13 in
Terminal: Wire Leads

EnerSys products offer the highest vent pressure in the market. As a result, Enersys batteries are more resistant to venting and dry-out from continuous overcharge in standby applications. 


EnerSys’ pure lead-tin chemistry allows our batteries and cells to offer the highest recharge efficiency of any sealed-lead battery on the market. With pure lead-tin, you can achieve a 95% state of recharge in less than one hour—without loss of capacity or electrolyte using conventional constant-voltage charging techniques.

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